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Travel and tattoos have become an amazingly important part of worldwide culture.

Here at Nomadic Inscriptions, we travel the world to bring you into the world of travel and delve into tattooing’s various traditions.

Come with us as we visit all 197 countries to explore our world and inscribe ourselves in culturally significant tattoos in modern and traditional methods.

If new sights, exciting places, awesome adventures, tips and tricks, and different cultures are your cup of tea you’ve come to the right place. On the other hand, if you prefer interesting histories, reviews, unique and intricate body art, or just enjoy watching other people in pain we’ve got you covered too.

I’m Jenson- a traveller, nomad, and tattoo enthusiast and I won’t rest until the lives of the nomadically inscribed are shown in their full glory. Where they come from, who they are and what makes their culture and art truly unique. Life’s too short not to see everything we can

This is Nomadic Inscriptions

The Road So Far